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VEER INDUSTRIES Is India’s most leading Engineering services organization recognized in the field of Surface Engineering employing the state-of-the-art methodologies including Thermal spraying of any metal to any metal work, Matt finish, Embossing roller,Roll Manufacturing, Hard chrome plating , grinding and super polishing work.

VEER INDUSTRIES is a leading manufacturing company which provides “Surface preparation ,Metalizing & Engineering solutions” to construction, steel, Power,Paper & Printing, Glass, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Refinary, Automotive, Aerospace, Haydraulics, Taxtile and Enrgy Industries in India.

since 1998 MR. GHANSHYAM PATEL is the Directors and Pioneer of this company who leads this company towards pinnacle of the Metalizing Industries in India through their Past experience and sound technical background.

February 2019


Veer Industries founded in Ahmedabad, India with an aim to provide Surface Engineering with thermal spray technology.


Started providing Roll manufacturing and grinding services.


With an experience of 10 years started in site Thermal Spray Coating work.


Start Providing Embossing Roller Work. On- site Thermal Spray Coating work for industries like Steel , Power , Oil & Gas, Refinery and Chemical.


In-situ coating application for CFBC & PF boiler.


Started providing Hard Chrome Plating Services. In-situ Coating Application for Column and Vessels in Oil Refinery.


Establishment of Foundation and built up shed area 28000 Sq. ft. Services handled into three different units of which :

  • Veer Industries provides Thermal Spray Coating Services.
  • Brahmani Grinding and Engineering provides Grinding, Embossing and Roll manufacturing services.
  • Brahmani Electroplaters provides Hard Chrome Plating services.
  • now collectively known as Brahmani Group of Companies.


With upgraded technology Veer Industries is the leading name where you can get Matte Finish beyond your expectation.


Improved Roll Grinding Capacity up to 1500 X 6000 mm


Improved Roll Manufacturing Capacity up to 1000 X 6000 mm


Improved Hard Chrome Plating Plant – Capacity up to 1500 X 7000 mm