Boiler Tube

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Boiler Tube


Veer Industries has developed special coating technologies to do boiler tube damage by erosion and corrosion. Thermal Spray Coatings on boiler tube. Since 2009, we are providing in – situ coating services to enhance the life of boiler tubes in power generating plants, cement plants, paper mills and oil refineries.

Our thermal spray protective coatings extend the service life of new or damaged boiler components. Veer industries provides protective coatings are more cost-effective solution than replacement of the damaged / erosion prone parts / area with new ones. By application of these coatings our customers get direct benefit in material savings and valuable reducing in plant shut downs / emergency breakdowns.

There are two processes for boiler tube coatings we offer and used Special material inputs in the form of wire and powder.

  • High Velocity Twin Wire Arc Spray (TWAS)
  • High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF)

The areas to erosion and corrosion in boiler are Water wall, Super Heater, Re-heater, Steam Cooled wall, Screen Tubes, Burner Transition Tubes, LTSH, Economizer, Z-panel, Man holes or soot blowing area, Kick off zone, roof, cyclone tubes and thermal spray coating are applied in these zones. We have completed more than 20 boiler tube coating projects all over India and two major projects are currently under implementation.

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