Coating Work

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Coating Work

Thermal Spray Coating Work in Pulp & Paper Mills

We are having the speciality in India to apply surface coating on pulp and paper mill rolls using of thermal spray coating technology. We executed in-situ thermal spray coating and grinding of pulp and paper mill rolls MG Cylinders and Dryer Cylinders with performance guarantee. WE are holding and ready set of portable blasting machines, coating systems and traversing guides enable us to perform multiple onsite jobs simultaneously. We also provide surface repair & coating services to paper mills in India.

Thermal spray coating application on :

Yankee/M. G Cylinders, Dryer Cylinder, Re-winder Rolls, Calendar Rolls, Pope Reel, Cooling Cylinder, Coated Pump Sleeves, Felt Guide Rolls, Separator Rolls, Winder / Reeling Drum, Press Rolls, and Bearing Journal Reclamation.

Coating on Boiler Tubes

Since 2015, we also providing surface coating on paper mill’s boilers for increasing the boiler life and efficiency. Special coating developed in house for application on boiler tubes of recovery boiler, AFBC and CFBC boiler.

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