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Project Description


During the production of pulp and paper and in the printing industry, wear, erosion, corrosion and chemical influences are common problems affecting machine components. Often it is a combination of wear in a highly corrosive environment that makes it extra complex. By applying a thermal sprayed coating to the components, specific properties such as cycle lifetime, capacity, maintenance costs reduction, can be significantly improved.

It is now common to update old installations with lightweight materials to increase production capacities. This allows the older facilities to remain competitive with modern installations. In some applications steel rollers are replaced by CFK (Carbon Fiber) or aluminum rollers to reduce weight and increase stiffness of the structure. To protect the surface against abrasion and chemical attack, a thermal sprayed coating is applied.

Typical thermal sprayed components in the Paper & Printing industries

Pulp & Paper industries:‚Äč

  • Corrugated Rolls
  • Yankee Dryers
  • Press rolls
  • Guide rolls
  • Calendar rolls
  • Metering rods
  • Doctor blade

Printing industries:

  • Anilox rolls
  • Grip rolls
  • Plate cylinders
  • Offset rollers
  • Printing cylinders
  • Mechanical Seals
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