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The floors, walls & roofs of power plant boilers and their superheater pipes are exposed to wear caused by erosion and corrosion during use, this is maximum in CFBC boilers. We do surface coatings that significantly prolong the life of these parts. The coatings are highly erosion and corrosion wear resistant, and are well suited to extremely high operating temperatures & high erosive & corrosive environment.

Application of VI services are highly advantageous on :

  • Boiler Tube
  • ‚ÄčThermal coating in pressure vessels
  • Rotor, Shaft & Casing of Fans/blowers
  • Oil Burner
  • other components suffering heavy surface wear.

Boiler tube leakage is one of the major power plant breakdowns which may result in even 2-3 days of boiler shut. VI boiler tube coating service assures the client for zero breakdowns due to boiler tube puncture for specified time duration, making the service very effective & fruitful in a power plant. Technicians & Engineers in VI have carried out HVOF & Wire Arc coating in an excess of 1000sqmtrs of boiler tube surface assuring quality work which minimizes Power Plant breakdowns due to boiler tube leakage. Services are provided onsite matching up the maintenance schedule of the client taking minimum possible time, resulting no effect on plant run ability.

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