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Roll Manufacturing

Manufacturing of Rolls for Steel Industries

Rolls are important part of any industries and Veer Industries is manufacturing and supply various types of Rolls used in plants of Steel Industries since 2009. We manufacture and supply Solid Rolls made from graded forgings & castings, Hollow Rolls from special graded seamless pipes and steel plates. Rolls are supply with surface engineering on main diameter so that life and efficiency of Roll increase.
In past 10 years, we manufacture and supply more than 700 rolls with Hard Chrome Plated and Thermal Spray Coated.(Tungsten Carbide coating & Spray & Fused coating). Rolls are used in Cold Rolling Mill, Hot Strip Mill and Pellet Plant.

State of the art manufacturing facility equipped with welding equipment, bending machines, roll grinders, super finishing / mirror finishing machines, HVOF coating systems, Spray & Fuse coating systems and Annealing furnaces.

We are ISO 9001:2015 standard company following industrial practice to ensure high quality production standards with wide range of calibrated testing instruments at every production stage.

Surface Engineering on Rolls

Surface Engineering on main diameter of Rolls is necessary requirement manufactured and supply by us. Thermal Spray Coating, Hard Chrome Plating and Matt Finishing process are applied on main diameter of Rolls so that it provides high quality end products as well as extend life of Rolls. Our in – house R&D team equipped with latest technology and instruments so that implement right application as per requirement. Our team is associated with different R & D divisions of company as well as constant contact with direct users of Rolls so that desire results can be achieved.

We are having state of art in – house modern manufacturing facility with expertise team will deliver end users / customers requirement. We deliver end products with surface finish Crowning, ovality, concentricity, hardness and roundness.

Fabricated or cast or solid rolls are subjected to high technology coating in state-of-art workshop. These coatings provide enhanced life against wear factors including abrasion, erosion, corrosion, impact and friction enabling superior performance with increasing the service life of rolls.


  • Special types of coating resulted high Corrosion resistance.
  • Quantum of cobbles reduced substantially.
  • Enables rolling of thinner sheets.
  • Improve Strip Quality
  • Perfect Pass line during entire service life.
  • Minimum wear rate
  • Better guidance and Strip control upto the coiler.

Different types of Rolls used in Steel Manufacturing Production Lines:

  • Recoiling Line (RCL)
  • Skin Pass Mill (SPM)
  • Electrolytic Cleaning Line (ECL)
  • Batch Annealing Furnace (BAF)
  • Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL)
  • Colour Coating Line (CCL)
  • Pickling Line & Tandem Coating Mill
  • Thin Slab Caster Roll (TSCR)
  • Continuous Annealing (CAL/CAPL)
  • Cut To Length Line (CTL)
  • Pellet Plant

Following Rolls are manufactured by us

  • ACBR Roll
  • Back Up Roll
  • Bridle Roll
  • Brush Backup Roll
  • Burr Musher Roll
  • Deburring Roll
  • Deflector Roll
  • Flattener Roll
  • Guide Roll
  • Hold Down Roll
  • Leveller Roll
  • Looper Roll
  • Pass Line Roll
  • Pick Up Roll
  • Pickling Roll
  • Pinch Roll
  • Quenching Roll
  • ROT Roll
  • Steering Roll
  • Screen Roll
  • Tensiometer Roll
Roll Manufacturing
Roll Manufacturing
Roll Manufacturing
Roll Manufacturing
Roll Manufacturing
Roll Manufacturing
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